Why is this happening?

It is our responsibility to you, our viewers, to inform you of the situation as you are still paying for your StarHub subscription but will no longer be receiving our channels. 

This action is not one we take lightly and we apologise to all our loyal and passionate fans for the inconvenience.

In our negotiations with all our partners, we seek to obtain a fair price for the value of our channels. Unfortunately, we were not able to achieve this with StarHub, and as such StarHub has announced their decision to discontinue the channels offered by Discovery, on both StarHub TV and StarHub Go. 

After June 30, our viewers on StarHub will no longer be able to watch Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC, Discovery Science, Discovery Asia, Eurosport and Setanta. 

HGTV, Asian Food Channel, Food Network, and Travel Channel will also be affected and transmission will be ceased by StarHub after August 31.

Despite StarHub’s announcement to cease transmission of our channels, we still hope to resume discussions.